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In 2014, with our daughters all grown and self-sufficient and our desire for an overseas adventure, my husband and I decided to relocate from the USA to the naturally majestic and topographically wondrous New Zealand to be closer to overseas family and friends. My medical practice, teaching and research, human factors engineering & management consulting, and community outreach work were thus temporarily based in Auckland, NZ during our adventure. Since 2017, I have been in the process of re-instantiating my permanent physical engineering-related business locations back on the east coast of the USA, with offices in Central and South Florida and the USA northeast.

I will update my www.WellnessWithLeah.com website once I establish 501c3 status and re-launch the community service work that is also near and dear to my heart. Until then, you may find below more information about me and my individual and worldwide passions for wellness and integrity-filled lives.

Why see me for your individual or corporate health and wellness needs?

I specialize in working holistically with patients and wellness clients (whether through Life-style Coaching, Acupuncture, Neuro-cognitive re-wiring via Qigong/Yoga exercises, or a combination thereof) in a manner that typically creates a transformative shift in their way of being present in the world (with self, family, friends, colleagues, etc.). My journey into Asian and Indian medicine studies and daily practices, such as living more in line with the laws of nature and practicing mindfulness, were the catalysts for major health and wellness shifts in my life. Thus, I believe it is my purpose on this earth to use my personal experiences, and gifts of deeply compassionate listening and insight, in order to support others in becoming more aware and accepting of the underlying root cause(s) of their symptoms or life challenges. This awareness and acceptance is what allows the true transformations and thus change and healing to begin. By gaining an embodied understanding of our own physical, mental, emotional, and/or behavioral patterns that contribute to the manifestation of our symptoms (regardless of their original etiology, whether such is known or not), we can begin to shift such patterns and create new neural pathways that empower us to take charge of our own health and well-being.

In addition to my medical practice, teaching, community outreach work, and making house calls for patients with extenuating circumstances (e.g., physical disabilities, assisted living resident, etc.), I also do client consultations, follow-ups and Qigong/Yoga exercise prescriptions via Skype or phone if needed--which allows me to continue working with patients remotely no matter where each of us is physically located.

Please contact me directly by E-mail or by phone [+1 202-630-LEAH (5324)] if you are interested in scheduling a Skype consultation or simply learning more about my practitioner goals for my patients and my overall holistic approach to healing & wellness. Or, potential patients may click here to read some general info about treatment fees and what to expect at your first and subsequent visits. If you happen to contact me at a time when I am not accepting new clients, I will be happy to provide you with some practitioner referrals appropriate for your particular treatment needs.

For those of you (e.g., potential Corporate Wellness, R&D, or management/strategy consulting clients) interested in more of my background and experiences as a Human Factors & Systems Engineer and Management Consultant, which were my primary career areas before I also began pursuing functional and classical eastern medicine as part of my integrated 'human factors'-related career, please refer to my Career Bio and CV or my Linkedin Profile.

Once I get my business(es) properly re-settled back in the USA, this site (www.WellnessWithLeah.com) will be the primary website for my Holistic/Functional/Integrative Medicine practice, teaching, wellness consulting, and community service initiatives in the USA, NZ, and other countries. Consequently, this current website info will act as a temporary place-holder for my medical practice and wellness-related consulting services until I establish 501c3 classification.

Overview of my credentials:

I completed my Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering & Management Systems, with a focus on Human Factors and Systems Integration from the University of Central Florida. I later completed my Master of Acupuncture (M.Ac.) and Master of Oriental Medicine (M.O.M) degrees from the Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) (http://muih.edu/) [formerly TAI SOPHIA Institute] in Laurel, Maryland, with a focus on 5 Element Acupuncture and Wellness Coaching. I concurrently completed my Medical Qigong Practitioner (MQP) Certification with Dr. Isaac Goren in Hallandale, Florida, and my Classical Tuina Certification with the Zheng Gu Tuina Group in New York, NY. I most recently completed my Yoga Teacher Training (RYT 200) at the Byron Yoga Center in Byron Bay, Australia, which specializes in Purna (complete, integration) yoga and focuses on the integration of all 8 limbs (Ashtanga) of yoga (e.g., the physical postures and spinal alignment along with philosophy, meditation, pranayama breath control, and personal and social codes of ethics).

Regardless of where I am in the world, I persistently aim to further my knowledge, skills, and advanced training in:

  • Classical Chinese, Japanese, and 5 Element Acupuncture

  • East-west integrative medical approaches (e.g., functional medicine) and therapeutic interventions

  • Community (group) and Auricular Acupuncture

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine & Nutritional Therapy and east/west Culinary Herbalism and food therapy

  • Medical Qigong (Chinese energetic medicine & gentle exercise/movement prescriptions) and Yin and Qi-Yoga (e.g., mindfulness in motion)

  • Classical & ZhengGu Tui-Na (Chinese medical/meridian massage)

  • Yoga and exercise rehab accessibility for all

  • Men- and Women-specific and global health concerns (e.g., fertility, menopause, prostate issues, musculoskeletal injuries & disorders, chronic pain, degenerative & auto-immune disorders, PTSD, anxiety, depression, addictions, etc.)

  • Pediatric Oriental Medicine, including Shoni-shin (Japanese style non-needle insertion acupuncture techniques, which is excellent for the immuno-compromised and elder care too)

  • Neuro-cognitive and physical Human Performance/Potential R&D

  • Individual and Corporate Wellness Coaching

  • Practitioner-Patient and Client Relationship Management

My passion for such advanced training allows me to continually both broaden and deepen the scope of treatment knowledge, procedures, and approaches available to my patients and clients of all backgrounds and ages from baby through end-of-life stages and on all levels of body, mind, and spirit.

Warmest regards,


Leah M. Reeves Butler, PhD, MSIE, MAOM, MQP, RYT 200, L.Ac.

Health/Wellness Coach, Clinician, and Educator

Human Systems & Management Consultant

NADA Certified AcuDetox Specialist (www.acudetox.com)

USA ph. +1 202-630-LEAH (5324)