What to Expect at Group Auricular Acupuncture Sessions

Before Treatment On-Site:

- Please sign the “Consent to Acupuncture” form.

- Please take an alcohol swab and clean your outer ears. The ear model on display shows where the acupoints are located; please be sure to clean those areas.

- Please make sure you have eaten today before you receive treatment. Receiving acupuncture after skipping meals may cause dizziness or fainting in some patients.

- Have a seat in the circle of chairs.

- Be aware that your ears may feel more tender if you have consumed cigarettes or tobacco products, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, or drugs prior to treatment, or if you are dehydrated.

- Depending on the Group Session's location setting and schedule, the acupuncture practitioner may ask to read your pulses and view your tongue and possibly ask you some follow-up questions relating to any specific health signs/symptoms that may be of concern to you.

During Treatment On-Site:

- Enjoy the relaxation – turn off your mobile phone, close your eyes if you like, feel free to take a nap

- Please do not talk – this allows you and other participants to fully relax

- Please do not get up or walk around – the needles could fall out, as they are not in very deeply

- Raise your hand if you need something – the acupuncturist or her assistant will come over to check in with you

- If a needle falls out while you are seated, let one of us know and we will come get it or make a note to retrieve it at the end of the treatment.

- If you are uncomfortable in any way, or if you feel lightheaded, it is important to let the acupuncturist know right away.

- Once the needles are in place, you may feel warmth, tingling, or mild itching in your ears. You may have sensations in other areas of your body as well. Some people feel very relaxed and even fall asleep during treatment, others may not notice much. These are all normal responses. The treatment will still benefit you even if you don’t feel much. There may be a brief sharp sensation as the needle goes in. This usually goes away in a few seconds. If you continue to feel a sharp sensation for more than a few seconds, let the acupuncturist know.

After Treatment On- or Off-Site:

- If you feel a little spacey after treatment, try either sitting quietly for a few minutes or walking a short distance in the fresh air before you drive or return to work.

- Sometimes strong emotions come to the surface during or in the day or so after treatment. This is normal and natural and a sign that the treatment is working by helping you to process those emotions so that you can let them go. If you encounter feelings that are too strong for you to handle alone, or if you feel that you are in danger of hurting yourself or others, you should seek mental health care immediately either from your regular provider or by calling one of the crisis hotlines listed on our resource sheet or located on this website at the Mental Health Resources page.

- If, after treatment, you have any questions or concerns of a non-emergency nature, please feel to contact Leah by phone (NZ: +64 027-833-0400; USA +1 202-630-LEAH [5324]) or email (Leah@WellnessWithLeah.com). Any and all health emergencies should receive immediate medical attention from a licensed physician.