From Patients & Clients:

“Leah has an extraordinary, consistent, and inspiring healing presence as an acupuncturist and as a human being. She balances being mindful and heartful with ease and grace. Time seems to stand still during our sessions. I am blessed to cross paths with her, and I look forward to many more visits. She is truly a gift to the acupuncture community.” SSB

“Leah has a natural gift of taking care of her clients. She connects very well with you at all levels and is very skilled in getting to unfold the symptoms that are in your way. She understands how to work with your body, what areas need to be addressed first, and how to properly address your symptoms, which are in your way of enjoying total health and vibrancy. I consider Leah as my healing angel that came in my life at the right moment, when stress was building up and life was not as smooth as one would like, she is a true healer. I feel that I am tended and held in her healing circle, a great place to be. Her healing skills, her teaching techniques explaining her treatment plan, and her practical qualities are of high standard.” E.G.

“I have been telling my family members about the life changing experience that I’m going through as a result of being introduced to your coaching and acupuncture techniques. I realize as I sit with loved ones who are struggling with the implications of their dietary and self care routines that I am uniquely privileged to have access to such comprehensive preventative health treatment.” A.D.

“I am so grateful to you- and the compassionate knowledge you bring into the treatment room…I posted this on Facebook today and wanted you to see it: Acupuncture is Amazing! So I’ve had this knee condition since mid Dec. and yesterday was the worst day with it. I could hardly get out of bed and walk on it. Fortunately, I had an acupuncture appt. with Leah Reeves Butler. She’d been at a training- and doing service work in Bali and so we hadn’t been able to coordinate schedules since the flair up. I know she was talented, but I didn’t know, in addition to Tui Na and Chi Gong [Qigong], she also knows Sinew Meridian treatment. I could actually FEEL the inflammation recede while she was giving me the treatment. ….. The treatment I was given had several other “layers” to it, because my practitioner knows how I move through life, what some of my challenges have been etc., and thus, I feel extremely fortunate to have had this integrated treatment, which has gotten my chi flowing, once again.” A.B.

“Working with you so far has been a tremendous positive development in my life and I am so grateful to you for the time and energy you’ve spent with me so far. …. I continue to practice many of the things I learned with you almost daily – thank you so much for all the time you spent on me last year, it really has made a huge difference in my life.” A.C.

“I wish you all the best in your big move to New Zealand, and I hope it is as amazing of an experience that you want it to be. Thanks for being such a fantastic practitioner, and–more importantly–for being such a caring and compassionate person. You have absolutely made me much more conscious of how well I care for myself, and I truly appreciate that gift.” C.P.

“During our time together, I have always felt both heard and well taken care of. During each treatment, Leah has taken the time to fully listen and understand me. It is rare to find that anywhere else in medicine. She has always followed up with me via phone or email after treatment. Leah is extraordinarily knowledgeable and willingly shares this knowledge both in and out of the treatment room. …. Leah has found the perfect balance between giving me enough information, but not too much to interfere with treatment. … During our treatment time, several things have happened. I have had acute problems rectified. My temperature is now consistent throughout my body. I now have a schedule I follow almost every day. Finally, and most important, I have learned to be an observer of my body. It is my teacher. Leah Reeves Butler is a true asset to this profession. I enjoy bragging to my friends that she is my practitioner. I have no doubt that she will leave a lasting impact in the field that will be read about in future generations.” M. R.

From Colleagues & Class/Workshop Participants:

“It’s been a pleasure working with and getting to know you. Seeing how you treat and think about things has honestly been one of the biggest influences in my own practice.” M.R.

“This workshop was incredibly helpful and motivating. Sometimes parenting can be overwhelming in terms of what to do especially when there are so many different ‘expert’ opinions. This workshop really balances the many ideas. Thank you so much!”

“Great! You are a gifted soul. Thanks! You covered a lot in a short bit of time. I liked all the practical info that you shared along with integrating things you’ve learned. I particularly like the encouragement and new tools for kid work."

“Leah is an excellent acupuncturist and has worked extensively to master her skills while she was training and after. She worked in clinics with experts to practice and develop her skills. Her techniques are diverse and great and they serve her clients well. Her blend of [exercise rehab, ergonomics & human systems engineering] skills from before she studied acupuncture along with herbs, Tuina, Shoni Shin and Qi Gong (to name a few ) and her passionate light spirit about the work make her unique and also a dedicated practitioner. I was quite honestly sad to see her leave and happy that she was choosing a lifestyle and [new] home [NZ] that resonated with her spirit. …. Her [USA] clients all loved her and she took time to blend her gifts in supporting them. They were very open to her suggestions about nutrition and lifestyle including exercises. She is definitely one of a kind.” E.L.

"I liked the half day format—thanks for introducing me to these fabulous skills.”

"I love Leah's approach to the classroom, very holistic and in keeping with the type of course we are doing."

"Again, Leah's teaching aesthetic is amazing.....used a balance of visual aids this helped me to connect my learning and the uploading of videos helped my learning. The worksheets also helped me to engage and take responsibility for my learning."